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Tennessee Slant

September 27, 2010

Well, it’s only been one day, and I am already changing the slant of the blog – HA!

I was talking with a good artist colleague/buddy of mine, David McLeish, who was recently interviewed in a Florida artist blog called Florida Fine Art Blog, and he suggested that I make this blog about Tennessee artists.  DUH!  I’m glad I have smart friends.

So – if you are an artist who:

1. Was born and raised in Tennessee

2. Is currently living in Tennessee

3. Attended/currently attending a Tennessee college or university (like my alma mater, Carson-Newman College)

then you are cordially invited to plug in to What Good Is Gold!

I will update some helpful links to the sidebar that will include all of Tennessee.  Being in Nashville, I have a pretty good understanding about what is going on here, but I need input about other cities.  Email me!