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Festivals and New Series

September 19, 2012

Driving between Johnson City and Asheville

This past weekend was a real blast – and a real learning experience!  We had fun staying with friends, eating really horribly (and by horribly I mean awesomely fattening and delicious), and talking art with folks.  We learned that maaaaaayyyyyybe I show better (and sell better) in galleries than in outdoor shows.  However, it was still a worthwhile experience.

I’m so glad I made the notecards!  People responded more to those than the prints.  I am looking to make an Etsy page for the prints and notecards a little later on…

I was fortunate enough to be assigned a corner booth so I had another wall on which to hang my work.  It really engaged people, and I conversed with many an inspired individual.

The sales weren’t great…BUT I got picked up by another gallery (signed the contract that Sunday after the show!) called Atelier Gallery!  Maybe that was the whole reason for the trip in the first place…  It’s in a great location in downtown Asheville on the corner of Lexington and College. They are very professional and energetic and represent some great artists.  I’m excited to work with them!

Relaxing, contemplating, and planning outside at Rembrandt’s Coffeehouse

Ah, the aftermath of a show…a sweet time of contemplation, readjusting, and  looking to the future.  I took some time yesterday to think about my next few paintings.  I have been off and on reading through Isaiah and have been very inspired by the redemptive story of God disciplining and reaching out to His people.

Some of the imagery is so powerful, and the redemptive prophesies are so great, I just HAVE to explore this visually!  The book is basically laid out in three sections: 1. God’s warning and judgement on his people who have turned away from Him. 2. As a result, Israel becomes captive to the Babylonians 3. God redeems the remnant (those left after the exile)

I am really looking forward to exploring what God has to say in these passages.  There will be female figures, maybe a male figure or two, caves, canopies, smoke, lions, lambs, trees, fire, fruit, flowers, and, of course, pattern.  Can’t wait!

In the Studio

October 28, 2010

I’m not really sure why, but lately I have been including clumps of animals in my paintings.  They are mostly in unsaturated hues, and silhouetted.  Different animals have different symbolic meanings…some more blatant than others.  I have been experimenting with silhouettes for some time now (especially after being introduced to Kara Walker‘s work), and I find it an interesting way of exploring the essence of a specific shape like a figure or an animal.  The challenge is making sure that you can actually tell what the shape represents!

Sometimes when I have tried to force figures in silhouette they make no sense, but animals are sometimes more recognizeable.  Animals have a rich symbolic history in the canon of Western art and beyond.  I suppose what I am trying to do is to reference the past, but reinterpret it in a contemporary way.  Here are a few detail shots of recent paintings with animal silhouettes.

Above is a clump of quail!  Quail are mentioned a lot in the Old Testament, and have specific ties to God’s provision.  When the Israelites were wandering in the desert with no food, God provided manna and quail for them to eat.  However, one was only allowed to gather enough for one day at a time…otherwise the food would spoil – a lesson in faith!  Here is a neat blog I found that explains this pretty well – Manna and Quail.

Here is a (bad) detail shot of a painting I did with clumps of lamb.  A lamb is a pretty loaded image in Christianity (symbolizing Christ, and even his death – innocent blood shed so that we may live)…so I had to be careful in my use of them!

I haven’t finished the above painting yet, but it has little clumps of flying bees, which are oftentimes a symbol of industry and order, but also of messengers between worlds.  I think I’ll claim all of the above!

For better images of my paintings (except for the unfinished one above), please visit my website – Thanks!