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East Nashville

October 11, 2010

A few years ago, my Dad was the Vice President of an organization here in Nashville called ReConstruct (founded by Paul Morris) – which has since folded – but had a great 10 year run.  It was a non-profit organization here in Nashville that helped low-income homeowners with home repairs that couldn’t afford to do it themselves.  They brought in youth groups from all over the nation, and helped repair over 500 homes.

Many lives were changed for the better – and not just the homeowners.  I had the privilege of working with ReConstruct for many summers, and it was always a memorable and heart-changing experience.  Here are some teenagers working on a roof (for FREE, mind you.  Actually, they paid good money to even participate.  Amazing.)

I say all this because most of the homes that ReConstruct worked on were in East Nashville – which has more than a fair share of rough neighborhoods.  Let’s just say you didn’t want to be walking alone at any time.  Some of the groups even saw some drug deals happen right before their very eyes.

Now, however, there are some very exciting art opportunities happening in East Nashville.  There is a great East Nashville Blog that has thorough and interesting info about all the goings-on in East Nashville.  There are people moving into the rougher neighborhoods that are fixing up old houses, raising families, and starting new creative ventures.

Pottery by Barbara Chadwick-Bland at Art and Invention

It is definitely many steps up than what it was even just five years ago.  There are still some areas that are hit or miss, but there is certainly a very creative vibe that is happening there.

Painting by Duy Huynh at Art and Invention

There is a new art crawl that has popped up there called Art East, which happens every LAST Saturday of each month.  Some of the highlights (as far as art galleries) to hit are Art and Invention (which produces the very popular Tomato Art Fest each year), the Open Lot, Billups Art, and Studio 83.

Artwork from the Translation show at Open Lot

I know several people that live in the area, and all are very passionate about where they live.  There is a spirit of ingenuity and creative prowess that is not found anywhere else in the city.  I look forward to seeing what the artists who live in the area create.