In progress…

Wedding planning has taken its toll on my painting time lately.  Today I FINALLY was able to squeeze in some (much) needed painting time.

A few weeks ago I ordered some 8 x 8” canvases.  I made several of these for my show at The Arts Company a few years ago and sold almost all of them.  I figured it was time to revisit these little guys.

I started on a couple of new squares, and now I am making them a diptych.  I don’t know if I will do this for all 10 that I ordered, but I will definitely do a few more.

a new unnamed diptych!

I am also working on another larger mixed media piece – 20 x 20”.  I want to eventually incorporate some architectural “ghost” structures – like I mentioned in my last post.  I have used this yellow girl in several past paintings.  There is something sad yet beautiful about her.  She originated from William Blake – who is one of my all-time favorite olddeadguy artists.

unfinished – about halfway done

Here is my pallete I have been working with lately – light purples, dark earthy greens, muted yellows and pinks, and rich blues.

messy messy 🙂


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